Friday, June 5, 2009

Stamp's Itinerary

Hi Everyone,

To give everyone an idea of where Stamps is traveling to please see his itinerary below. This is just provisional and is open to changes as people join in the fun etc.

NorthernDyes to Cora (Edmonton)
Cora to Sarah in Oregon
Sarah to MaryjoO (Sacramento)
MaryjoO to Izzybellarina (Reno)
Izzybellarina to dollycheeks (Bellflower Ca)
Dollycheeks to Knittingalone (New Jersey)
Knittingalone to jacsel (Yorkshire)
jacsel to Periwinkle (Sunderland)
periwinkle to leeanne1976 (Australia)
leeanne1976 to freddycat (France)
freddycat to stinkymum (New York USA)
stinkymum back to me Gerryberry (Dublin Ireland)


  1. He has a busy, busy time set out. I hope he really enjoys his international adventures

  2. I think you might want to edit where I live , it's Sunderland not Southerland ... My boys are so looking forward to meeting him

  3. Periwinkle, where is Sunderland? What country?