Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Changes to the Itinerany

Sadly leeann in Wollongong can't host Stamps, so I have made the following changes to his itinerary.

NorthernDyes to Cora (Edmonton)
Cora to Sarah in Oregon Sarah to MaryjoO (Sacramento)
MaryjoO to Izzybellarina (Reno)
Izzybellarina to dollycheeks (Bellflower Ca)
Dollycheeks to Knittingalone (New Jersey)
Knittingalone to jacsel (Yorkshire)
jacsel to Periwinkle (Sunderland)
periwinkle to charminglochie (Outer Hebrides, Scotland)
charminglochie to eddyg. (Bridgend, Wales)
eddyg to freddycat (France)
freddycat to Sinjeto (Finland)
Sinjeto to Gemma (Burwood, New South Wales, Aus)
Gemma to kittenkong67 (Preston, Victoria, Aus)
kittenkong67 to Joeyn (Hazelwood, Sth Vic Aus)
Joeyn to Nimloth ( Camberra, Aus)
Nimloth to Stinkymum (New York)
Stinkymum to Gerryberry (me) in Dublin

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