Monday, September 28, 2009

Stamps is having a Quiet Week

Maryjo has been at Bear Valley for all of August and September, so she is winding down her stay with a last few days of knitting and staying put.  By the end of the week, she and Stamps will be down in Sacramento, and then I think next week he'll be be ready for a little more action in Reno!

But Stamps is really enjoying the scenery we have up here.  This is Stamps on the deck this morning

 He then went with Maryjo to get the mail; the posmaster has a real golden lab dog that he brings up with him, but he always puts out "Jefferson" to let people know that he has a dog with him.

Stamps then wanted to look at the entrance to the Lodge, the local lodge/hotel.  How about that
Laverne and Shirley font?  Fabulous! 

Friday, September 25, 2009

Stamps had a great day today

He drove with Maryjo down to Murphys, and stopped for the requisite tourist photo in front of the historic Murphy's hotel.

After posing, he, Maryjo and her friend Carolyn went to the nearby Murphy's community park so they could visit and sit and knit for a while.

While they knitted, Stamps took advantage of the "down time" from all his travels and "chilled out" on a beach towel, but basked in the wonderful comments he got from passerbyers!!  Carolyn made a wonderful lunch, but they all eventually left when it got too hot.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stamps arrived yesterday to Bear Valley, CA

Stamps arrived yesterday from Oregon, so he is now enjoying some time in the high altitude of parts of the California Sierra.  He's staying at Maryjo's in Bear Valley, which is a tiny but beautiful place at 7250 feet/2,209 meters.

In the photo here, he is standing below a canvas/photo of nearby Mosquito Lakes, a place where Maryjo's husband actually spent time as a child.  The cabin is privately owned, but the Forest Service still stocks the small lake with fish for summer fishermen/families to enjoy.

Tomorrow, Stamps will drive "down" to Murphys with Maryjo to meet someone and to sit outside and knit for part of the day.  Murphys is one of the small historic hill towns of the Sierra Nevada, and still can boast about having one of the oldest still operating hotels in the state!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stamps has been busy!!

We have been having so much fun showing Stamps around our town! We live on the Central Oregon Coast and love taking trips to the beach and to the bay front. Stamps was so exited to visit the sea lions on the bay front. We held him very tight, because he was a little nervous that he might have to swim with these lazy giants.

Next we had to take his picture in front of the historic Yaquina Bay Bridge. And of course in front of all of the fishing boats!

Of course my girls held onto him very securely. But as I was taking these pictures of him I felt nervous that he would fall!! Talk about a nightmare.... can you imagine?! I kept saying to the girls, "Hold him tight, really tight... are you holding him tight?"

Stamp's visit just happened to coincide with a trip to visit my mom in Montana. So of course we brought Stamps along to show him more of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. Woohoo!! We stopped along the Colombia River Gorge in Oregon to show Stamps Multnomah Falls. It was gorgeous. Stamps looked from the car though because I had nightmares of him falling off of the bridge near the top of the falls.... But we took lots of pictures for him. :)

Washington was hectic and I almost pulled all of my hair out because our precious dachshund had been whining in the car for 10 hours... she hates riding in the car. So we don't have Washington pictures. But we were refreshed the next day as we crossed the border into Idaho. There we showed Stamps the oldest building in Idaho. The Cataldo Mission. It was amazing!
We couldn't get over the beauty of this place.

What are you doing in the confessional Stamps?! He's so sneaky. And I don't think he's an ordained priest... just sayin'

Montana was great fun. We enjoyed gorgeous mountains and beautiful Flathead lake.

Stamps was exited to visit a real log cabin at the Indian Museum and Trading Post!

Now we're back and Stamps is full of new memories, and of course ready to get to his next destination. We'll miss you Stamps!! x