Monday, October 25, 2010

More from Scotland.

And there is more from Scotland.

Stamps enjoying the Scottish sunshine before heading off to the Underground

Stamps on the Glasgow Underground. This was part of the Special PicKnit . . . and Underground Sit-in (complete with knitting)

Stamps with Casey, Jess, Antje (The Yarn Cake owner) and Johanna ( she organises the PicKnits)

Stamps sunbathing

Ysolda was at the picknit too

It was a busy meet that day . . . lot's of knitters in the park

Stamps makes some new friends before heading back home.

Stamps Visits Amanda in Scotland

A little while ago Stamps went to see Amanda in Scotland and she gave him a great time. He even to meet a good few knitting celebs. Here's a brief summary of his trip below:-

Stamps arriving in Scotland.

Stamps in the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow (there for the fortnightly PicKnit)

Stamps looks around the Botanics and enjoys Kibble Palace

He also likes the other big greenhouse in the gardens

He looks around the flower beds

He knits some little smoothie hats for the Big Knit Campaign (knitting and cake . . . the reason for visiting the Botanics on a lovely Sunday afternoon)

Amanda and Stamps arrive at the KnitCamp event in Stirling

He's all ready to browse yarns in the market place

Stamps meets the amazing Wooly Wormhead on her stall at KnitCamp

Stamps dives into a box of yummy yarn at the Yarn Yard stall.