Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stamps visit to North Yorkshire

Stamps arrived safely in Little Barugh, North Yorkshire after leaving Susan in New Jersey, USA.  He was feeling a bit tired and jet-lagged.  On his first Sunday with us we took him to Westow village to watch us play Petanque, he decided to get in on the action but couldn't throw the boule, I warned him not to kick it, but too late:

So on Monday morning he had to share my Physio appointment with me, Sally massaged his leg for him.  Afterwards we all went to the Hidden Monkey Cafe in Malton for a nice cup of tea and toasted teacakes, Stamps met one of the many resident monkeys there and had a nice chat with him.


On Tuesday we decided to take a train trip from Pickering to Whitby, but before our train left  we called in at the Station Cafe for coffee and Stamps met Alan Reynolds.     

                                   Leaving Pickering Station

Passing through Goathland (Heartbeat Aidensfield) with station cat watching, 'Heartbeat' is the TV series about a village policeman that was filmed in and around Goathland and Whitby, the steam train featured in it and Goathland station was the Aidensfield in the series.

Passing under Whitby Viaduct

Whitby Marina 

Stamps decided it was easier to slide down the rail than to climb the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey, we both had to think of our legs! 

Jim and Stamps relax on a bench on the harbour at Dock End, looking towards the East side of Whitby, across the River Esk.  It was in the graveyard of St. Mary's church up on the cliff, near Whitby Abbey, that Dracula was supposed to have made his first appearance in the form of a dog after the ship his coffin was on sank after hitting rocks. 
Stamps with Mike Mitchell our steam engine driver, on engine number 76079, just before we boarded the train to return to Pickering.

Watching the scenery on the way back to Pickering.

Stamps looking at our photo's on the Station Collage Poster - in our Santa and Mistress Holly Claus costumes

Stamps rested for a few days and enjoyed the views from our garden, and the sitting among the colourful primula flowers in the sunshine. 

He climbed our Poplar tree, with a little help, to watch the sheep with their newborn lambs in the field over the fence from our garden.

 and he also enjoyed sitting with our two boy cats in the hidden garden.  On the left he is sitting with Rappy, and on the right with Rappy and Jet.

Today, Saturday, we went to Malton Market and Stamps met up with the Market Manager Dave, and with two of the regulars there, Keith who has the Tea Wagon and Eleanor who has the yarn and jewellry stand.

While walking through the market a little spaniel pup became very excited on seeing Stamps and wanted to make friends, Jim patted her on the head and scratched under her chin but unfortunately her owner got rather annoyed with the pup and dragged her away shouting at the poor little dog. 

Jim and Stamps in the market place.

We have enjoyed having Stamps stay with us, and apart from his mishap trying to use the steel boule as a football, I think he has enjoyed his stay with us too.