Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stamps enjoys a Royal Day Out in London

Stamps took a souvenir photo of Buckingham Palace

and then paused for a photo at the Palace gates

 Before visiting the State rooms at Buckingham Palace, Stamps enjoyed a visit to the Royal Mews to see the Queen's horses and carraiges. his 1st stop was at the State limousine

 Stamps was impressed with the Glass Coach,

and would have liked to take a ride in the State Landau!

Stamps thought the Queen's Gold State Coach was much bigger than it looked on the tv during Jubilee celebrations!

 Stamps stopped to talk to Daniel while he was having his breakfast! Daniel told him he was one of the Queen's horses and he, and 7 other horses, had pulled the Queen's Gold State Coach for the Jubilee!

After the Royal Mews, Stamps visited the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition in the Queen's Gallery

Stamps takes a rest after all the information he learnt at the exhibition

Stamps had a lovely visit seeing the State rooms at Buckingham Palace (he wasn't allowed to take any photo's) and after tea & cake in the Palace Garden Cafe he paused by the steps looking out to the Palace gardens

Stamps crosses the lawn heading for the Palace grounds at the end of his visit but stopped to admire his view of the Palace in the Background
Stamps enjoyed his Royal Day Out and he having a well earned rest now catching up on Wimbledon on the tv!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stamps has a great day out in London

Stamps enjoyed a lovely day out in London on June 2nd for the Queen's Jubilee weekend, after all the rain he's seen since he's been here, he was pleased he didn't need his umbrella!
Stamps arrived at The Mall in time to watch the Guards rehearsal for the Trooping the Colour

and takes time out from watching the Guards to pose for a photo.
On his walk along The Mall Stamps stopped to have chat about his travels with one of the Guards

Stamps makes some friends on his day out chatting to one of the Police Horses!

After coming down The Mall, Stamps walked through Admiralty Arch on his way to Trafalger Square.

Stamps checks the countdown to the 2012 Olympics clock in Trafalgar Square
Stamps enjoyed a visit to Westminster Abbey, although he couldn't take any photo's inside the Abbey, he had a helping hand to pose for a photo in The Cloisters!
Stamps walked across Parliament Square and could be mistaken for a demonstrator!
After a nice lunch on the banks of the Thames, Stamps headed for Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament
Stamps pauses on Westminster Bridge after seeing the London Eye, he thought the height of it was very scary!
All that sightseeing can wear a hedgehog out! Stamps takes a rest in Green Park before heading to the tube station. He really enjoyed his day out and is looking forward to another day out to Buckingham Palace

Monday, May 21, 2012

Stamps can't decide what he'll do!

Stamps has been relaxing, he watched the TV coverage of the olympic flame arriving on Friday evening and has been planning on what sights to see in London - Big Ben or the Changing of the Guard first? decisions decisions…

Help him decide.  What do you think he should do first.  Let him know by commenting.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stamps in London

Hi Stamps has arrived in London and is already settling in. He's even made a new friend lol!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stamp's Vist to Lovely Carlow, in Ireland


Its been a while since Stamps went travelling and when DrivingMissDaisy said she'd love to a visit from him.  She lives in Carlow and showed him the lovely sites there.  He really enjoyed himself and is currently back home resting.  Eating loads of Easter Eggs and generally enjoying himself.

Anyway here's the pictures from Carlow.

The first place Stamps went to visit in Carlow was the Brownshill Dolmen. It is the largest of it's kind in Europe.

Stamps enjoyed visiting the Dolmen also know as a Cromlechs and having his picture taken.

The sun came out for this pic :)

Stamps is sunbathing on a 5000 year old capstone!

Stamps getting a helping hand from DrivingMissDaisy's other half.

Our next outing brought us to Altmount Gardens. It's is a very beautiful place.

Stamps wanted to befriend Altmount's resident peacock.

Frolicing in the flowers :)

The swan wanted to bring Stamps for a swim :)

Stamps sitting on the wishing chair.

Taking a stroll trough the daffodils :)

Just hanging around :)

Stamps has his Xmas tree picked out already :)

That's it from Carlow.  If anyone would like a visit from Stamps please let me know.


Geraldine and Mel aka DrivingMissDaisy.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hi Stamps has started to travel again he's with DrivingMissDaisy in Co Carlow at the moment. 
She is showing him all the sights.  Carlow is a beautiful place I hope you enjoy your visit Stampes.  There will be more posts and pictures very soon.

Stamp's mum Geraldine has just started back at work having broken her wrist before Christmas.  Glad to be back working at last.

We will both talk to you again very soon.