Thursday, June 18, 2009

2009 Austin Healy Redezvous - Ashland, WI

Austin Healy Redezvous
The "Chamber Ladies" welcome Stamps to the 2009 Austin Healy Rendezvous!

There were so many beautiful cars here today. They cam from all over the Upper Midwest and Canada. We could do this every Saturday!
Austin Healy Redezvous

Things that go VrooomAustin Healy Redezvous Austin Healy Redezvous Austin Healy Redezvous
So many different makes and models to gawk at.

The Jag.Stamps cruising in Style
This wonderful couple from Minneapolis let Stamps drive their Jaguar Sedan. The picture turned out terrible, but come on, he's driving a Jag, how can I not post it? Anyone know the make or year? I forgot paper to write these things down :(

Original 1953 MGTD

According to the sign this baby's is an original, right down to the paint. (Man, my car doesn't look that good and it's no where near 60 years old....) This is an Original MGTD Midget Mark II competition model for road rallies. They did an autocross down at the airport after the show. I really wish we'd been able to go to that, but I needed to eventually go back to work....shoot.

1966 Austin Mini MokeNo freaking way!
"Mom, you gotta see this!!!" Wendy can not get over the fact that this car has no doors. This is a British Mini Moke and I'll admit, it *is* pretty dang cool. The owners came over and asked if she wanted to sit in it. She's probably the only one there that got to sit in a car without guessing the number of cylinders first. Wendy is absolutely giddy about being in a car with no sides or doors! Apparently when you are four that is just not a concept you can grasp. Poor Stamps is gasping for breath!

And the winner is...

I asked Wendy to find the prettiest car at the show, and this was it. According to Wendy, "I love white stripes! It has white stripes!" Yeah, Wendy, but it also has doors... what a fickle thing she is!

Pie ON Politics

The Alliance for Sustainability held a fundraiser where you could vote to have a politician get a pie in the face. No one made their goal so instead they did everybody!

This isn't whipped cream!Washburn Mayor Ralph Brzezinski
She done goodSenator Down!  Senator Down!

Top Left to Bottom Right: Bayfield Mayor Larry MacDonald, Washburn Mayor Ralph Brzezinski, Ashland Mayor Ed Monroe (the one that greeted Stamps to the US) and Wisconsin Senator Bob Jauch. For a play by play of everyone getting pied start here on flickr.

All in all another great day!

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