Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Halloween and Stamps decided to join in the fun. He dressed himself up as a scary mummy!

In this picture the Disney clock tower and Mickey's face in flowers which greet you as you enter the Magic Kingdom. All decked out for Halloween!

In front of the entrance to Disneyland
In front of Disney's California Adventure
Taking a rest and doing some people watching

Some "Iconic" road signs
Trying on "The Ears"! Such a handsome fellow!

Admiring some Disney villains
Stamps at the entrance to Downtown Disney located between Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure.
Stamps is quite the ladies man ... the ladies just loved him!

Checking out a plate of tamales, rice and beans. Delish!

First thing we did was take Stamps for a nice Mexican dinner. He couldn't recall ever having Mexican food. Pancho's is a well known restaurant in Long Beach CA
Stamps and new friend Harley relaxing on the front porch bench.

Welcome to Southern California!

Stamps arrives in Southern CA!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Virginia City NV

Tuesday we awoke to Typhoon Melor! Yes, a typhoon in Nevada. It hasn't rain here in 6 months! What a soggy day, but we pressed on!

We saw all sorts of sites despite the rain. We visited the Territorial Enterprise where Mark Twain was a reporter, the Bucket of Blood Saloon (and had a pint and a little gaming :) ) , The Silver Queen Saloon where I was married many years ago, the Christmas Shoppe where I must buy an ornament every year and the Delta Queen Casino to see the Suicide Table. By the end of the day we were ready to dry out by the fire. Sorry to see you go Stamps, Bon Voyage!

For more info about Virginia City

Stamps has arrived in Reno

Just chillin' in Halloween town before our outing to historic Virginia City NV

Monday, October 5, 2009

Stamps on the move again

Stamps is now in the post office on the way to Deanna.

He had a pretty quiet time with me, as I was ending up a 2 month stay up in the mountains and therefore wasn't running around much.  He did watch with amusement as I cleaned up like a fiend to leave, and was happy to pose with some of the "stuff" I had up there with me.

Unfortunately, I has misplaced the Bear Valley postcard in the photo, but as soon as I find it, I'll mail it on so it can stay with Stamp's box.

Maryjo had an uneventful return "home" to  Sacramento/the Central Valley until it became the  weekend, and then the temperatures dropped in the mountains.  She had to make a mad dash up there (and back) to take care of "winterizing" the pipes with antifreeze. Stamps did not go up there with her as he said he didn't have boots or a parka and didn't I know that his feet would get soggy, being wool and all.

But all was well, and now he is enroute to his next destination, where hopefully it might be a little warmer!