Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 2 Getting to know the Lay of the Land

Stamps checking out a wheel

Stamps keeps himself busy by exploring the shop a bit! He checks out
the batt bins over in the needlefelting section and then get distracted
by a spinning wheel with toes! (It's a Merlin Tree

Stamps has a chat w/ Gordy

While Stamps is checking about, Gordy walks in! Gordy Johnson is
currently a bit of a celebrity in these parts. One of the locals did a
mini-documentary about him for a short film contest and the paper posted
it on YouTube.

You can
see it here
(The little girl in it is Bea, and the lady sewing his
sleeve is Libby.)

Later in the day Libby comes up front and can't find Stamps! Oh no!
Where could he be?!?


  1. If you're curious, Gordy's video is located here:

  2. hee hee stamps is a little scamp hiding like that.