Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stamps Arrives in Ashland, WI - USA

Stamps arrives in the US on the most beautiful, sunny day we've seen in Ashland, WI, all summer!

Stamps is here!

His hosts are eager to meet him! We can't wait and have to pause on the Post Office lawn to let him out.

Unpacking Stamps

On our way back to the shop we stop by City Hall, where a surprise is awaiting Stamps!
Ashland City Hall
Stamps outside city hall
Sitting on the planter in front of city hall.

Someone special is waiting for Stamps inside City Hall

Stamps is welcomed to the USA

It's Ashland's own Mayor Ed Monroe, "Welcome to Wisconsin, Stamps! We hope you enjoy your stay in Ashland, it's a great weekend to be visiting!"

Ok, it's time to head to work! But as we are leaving City Hall Bea notices something exciting on the shore. She points it out to Stamps and her sister.
Bea shows Stamps the coalboat

Stamps watches a coalboat

The coalboat is here! In Ashland we get our power from hydroelectric and fuel burning plants. Although our bayfront plant has been upgraded to burn wood and tire waste, we still use the traditional coal as well. A couple times a year you can see this smaller oreboat come in with our delivery. Currently it is the biggest boat that regularly visits our harbor. I'm pretty sure she is the "American Mariner." Here are her specs from The Duluth Shipping News
She was built in 1980 by Bay Shipbuilding Company at Sturgeon Bay and is 730 feet long and 78 feet wide. Above the deck she has 24 hatches that open into 7 cargo holds. The American Mariner is powered by two diesel engines that produce a total of 7,000 hp and give her a top speed of about 16 mph.
We learned recently that transport in these big ore boats is 8x cheaper than road transport!

Main Street WestHey, guys!  Whassup?Maybe a movie, Stamps?

Along the final leg of Main Street Bea & Stamps stop to check out the movie listings and to chat with some friends in the J.C. Penny's display window.

Stamps outside the Dyeworks

Finally we get to our destination! Stamps' hosts are the owners of Northwoods Dyeworks, an LYS and manufacturer of yarns & wheels. Libby has a lot of work to do today that involves dyes and fire (wood burning) so all hedgehogs must keep out of the workshop today! Stamps finds some friends to keep him company!

Stamps makes a few friends

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