Monday, October 10, 2011

Stamps Is Keeping Busy

Its been a while now since I posted to Stamps Blog. But he has not retired he has been very busy making Little Hats for the Innocent Irish Big knit. My colleagues from work and the ladies of the Ravelry Group have also been very busy and between us we have made over a 1,000 hats. Which is amazing and will go a way to reaching the overall goal of 80,000. You can find out more about this at Innocent's Website.

Here are a few pictures taken when Stamps got involved. These are just a few of his favourite hats made by my colleague Brenda. Aren't they amazing. I was delighted to receive these in the post a few weeks ago.

A little Woman

And a little man

This one is my special favourite. The work and detail is amazing and its beautiful too.

The whole bunch together but they are only a very small sample of the hats we received we got hundreds. Thanks to all my colleagues at work for all their hard knitting.

Stamps got excited when he saw all the lovely hats and wanted to make a few himself. Ah bless, he gave it his best try. Thanks Stamps.

He also gave me a lot of help sorting the hats and filling out the forms for Innocent. He was amazed when he saw how many there were.

He had to take a little break half way though the task. He was caught trying to make a 'Snow Fairy' in the middle of this bunch made my Kevina. Really Stamps get focused no playing now.

All the hats have been sorted and bagged up and ready to go to the Fruit Towers in Baggot Street.

Stamps jumped into the bag just to do one last count. Yes Stamps it was an amazing 590 hats all made with love by members of the AIB Staff.
Stamps fell in love with Helen when he arrived at Fruit Towers in Baggot St. Here he is giving her our letter and our hats.
Its an important task Stamps, which you carried out with grace and style, as usual.
One last picture of Stamps at Fruit Towers but he's still knitting away, getting as many hats made before the deadline 14th October which is only 4 days away. How many more can you make Stamps?
Look out for what happened when Stamps attended the Big Knit in at St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre last week.
Details to follow very soon.