Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stamp's Vist to Lovely Carlow, in Ireland


Its been a while since Stamps went travelling and when DrivingMissDaisy said she'd love to a visit from him.  She lives in Carlow and showed him the lovely sites there.  He really enjoyed himself and is currently back home resting.  Eating loads of Easter Eggs and generally enjoying himself.

Anyway here's the pictures from Carlow.

The first place Stamps went to visit in Carlow was the Brownshill Dolmen. It is the largest of it's kind in Europe.

Stamps enjoyed visiting the Dolmen also know as a Cromlechs and having his picture taken.

The sun came out for this pic :)

Stamps is sunbathing on a 5000 year old capstone!

Stamps getting a helping hand from DrivingMissDaisy's other half.

Our next outing brought us to Altmount Gardens. It's is a very beautiful place.

Stamps wanted to befriend Altmount's resident peacock.

Frolicing in the flowers :)

The swan wanted to bring Stamps for a swim :)

Stamps sitting on the wishing chair.

Taking a stroll trough the daffodils :)

Just hanging around :)

Stamps has his Xmas tree picked out already :)

That's it from Carlow.  If anyone would like a visit from Stamps please let me know.


Geraldine and Mel aka DrivingMissDaisy.