Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stamps has a great day out in London

Stamps enjoyed a lovely day out in London on June 2nd for the Queen's Jubilee weekend, after all the rain he's seen since he's been here, he was pleased he didn't need his umbrella!
Stamps arrived at The Mall in time to watch the Guards rehearsal for the Trooping the Colour

and takes time out from watching the Guards to pose for a photo.
On his walk along The Mall Stamps stopped to have chat about his travels with one of the Guards

Stamps makes some friends on his day out chatting to one of the Police Horses!

After coming down The Mall, Stamps walked through Admiralty Arch on his way to Trafalger Square.

Stamps checks the countdown to the 2012 Olympics clock in Trafalgar Square
Stamps enjoyed a visit to Westminster Abbey, although he couldn't take any photo's inside the Abbey, he had a helping hand to pose for a photo in The Cloisters!
Stamps walked across Parliament Square and could be mistaken for a demonstrator!
After a nice lunch on the banks of the Thames, Stamps headed for Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament
Stamps pauses on Westminster Bridge after seeing the London Eye, he thought the height of it was very scary!
All that sightseeing can wear a hedgehog out! Stamps takes a rest in Green Park before heading to the tube station. He really enjoyed his day out and is looking forward to another day out to Buckingham Palace


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  2. So true. Stamps always travels by post. He says this is the best way to go.