Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stamps enjoys a Royal Day Out in London

Stamps took a souvenir photo of Buckingham Palace

and then paused for a photo at the Palace gates

 Before visiting the State rooms at Buckingham Palace, Stamps enjoyed a visit to the Royal Mews to see the Queen's horses and carraiges. his 1st stop was at the State limousine

 Stamps was impressed with the Glass Coach,

and would have liked to take a ride in the State Landau!

Stamps thought the Queen's Gold State Coach was much bigger than it looked on the tv during Jubilee celebrations!

 Stamps stopped to talk to Daniel while he was having his breakfast! Daniel told him he was one of the Queen's horses and he, and 7 other horses, had pulled the Queen's Gold State Coach for the Jubilee!

After the Royal Mews, Stamps visited the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition in the Queen's Gallery

Stamps takes a rest after all the information he learnt at the exhibition

Stamps had a lovely visit seeing the State rooms at Buckingham Palace (he wasn't allowed to take any photo's) and after tea & cake in the Palace Garden Cafe he paused by the steps looking out to the Palace gardens

Stamps crosses the lawn heading for the Palace grounds at the end of his visit but stopped to admire his view of the Palace in the Background
Stamps enjoyed his Royal Day Out and he having a well earned rest now catching up on Wimbledon on the tv!

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  1. lucky old Stamps - he gets to all the interesting places. I must follow in his paw-prints one day.