Monday, July 5, 2010

Stamps in Wales

Hello Stamps and welcome to Wales. My word, you are the little traveller; look at all those badges you've earned so far! I've given you a little Welsh red dragon for your collection since he is the star of our country's flag.
Isn't Wales known as the "green, green grass of home?" Well, yes it is. And with good reason too. I live in the Llynfi Valley where the fields stretch out in all directions. Back when I was younger, many of these hills were black from the coal mining - St John's colliery was the last to close in 1985. But now we have lots of pretty countryside to walk in.

We are proud of our little Victorian town. This is the Town Hall "Neuadd y dref" in Welsh.
In other places the Town Hall is where the Mayor lives and works, but in Wales it is a much more important place. It was built by the coal miners and is the center of town life. The basement is a working market place and the upstairs is a huge concert hall. Many groups and clubs meet here and our local dramatic society put on plays, we even have touring groups to visit - Stereophonics even played here once

Not one to be all upset about no coal mining anymore; many of our old buildings have been recycled. This is the Ironworks. This is the whole reason that our town was built here. No iron is smelted anymore but this huge venue is our Sports Centre.


  1. Hi,

    Its great to see Stamp's badges. I didn't realise that there were so many. Thanks for showing him Wales. I think he likes it there, nearly as green as Ireland LOL.

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