Friday, July 23, 2010

Bridgend - town of many bridges.

This is another of our sweet little towns - Pen-y-bont or Bridgend as we all call it. Outside the main council offices Stamps finds three large signs.
One is the Bridgend crest and the other two are the towns that we are twinned with. Langenau in Germany and Villenave D'ornon in France. We sometimes exchange students from schools and colleges; it is great fun. But as Stamps says, "that's two towns you are twinned with; surely that should be two towns you are tripletted with" LOL Stamps; you are a funny one.

Bridgend is also known as "little Venice." The river runs right through the center and in one mile of river there are 11 brdges of different kinds crossing it including one that runs the entire length of the river. Those little weirs don't stop the local canoe club from using it. The water level is usually much higher but we have been having lots of sunshine these last few weeks - lucky us hee hee.


  1. Hi I love Bridge End. Hope to get there myself one day.