Friday, September 25, 2009

Stamps had a great day today

He drove with Maryjo down to Murphys, and stopped for the requisite tourist photo in front of the historic Murphy's hotel.

After posing, he, Maryjo and her friend Carolyn went to the nearby Murphy's community park so they could visit and sit and knit for a while.

While they knitted, Stamps took advantage of the "down time" from all his travels and "chilled out" on a beach towel, but basked in the wonderful comments he got from passerbyers!!  Carolyn made a wonderful lunch, but they all eventually left when it got too hot.

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  1. My mother's maiden name was Murphy. She was always disapponted that none of her children would have her name. She'd be over the moon to know that there is a whole town call Murphys and that Stamps (her daughters 'little boy') got to see it. Loving what you are doing Maryjo. Keep up the good work