Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stamps arrived yesterday to Bear Valley, CA

Stamps arrived yesterday from Oregon, so he is now enjoying some time in the high altitude of parts of the California Sierra.  He's staying at Maryjo's in Bear Valley, which is a tiny but beautiful place at 7250 feet/2,209 meters.

In the photo here, he is standing below a canvas/photo of nearby Mosquito Lakes, a place where Maryjo's husband actually spent time as a child.  The cabin is privately owned, but the Forest Service still stocks the small lake with fish for summer fishermen/families to enjoy.

Tomorrow, Stamps will drive "down" to Murphys with Maryjo to meet someone and to sit outside and knit for part of the day.  Murphys is one of the small historic hill towns of the Sierra Nevada, and still can boast about having one of the oldest still operating hotels in the state!

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  1. Love the photes. I'm so happy it worked out and you have him with you. Looking forward to the next post.