Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stamp's Diary of his visit to Ware

The Diary of my Visit to WARE.

I was very cold when I arrived so I sat on radiator to warm up after being in the postmans cold bag.

Hello Pickle, I really love Cats.

Here I am helping Trish's hubby to get the ticket in Asda carpark in Harlow,Essex.

Sitting in the shopping trolley.....yummie fresh rolls for lunch.

I am standing on the lock gates......too cold to wait for a boat to go through.

Here I am on the bridge, with the waterfall in the background, Trish's hubby is holding me as i didn't want to fall in the very cold water.

Here we are at the signpost into Ware.

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  1. Wow..."Stamps" is a true "world traveler" and goes all over the place!! Amazing. HA! I love it!