Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stamps arrives on the Oregon Coast!

We were so very exited when Stamps arrived in our Post Office box this week! He was so happy to get out of that box and received lots of cuddles. He is so cute! Geraldine you are such a talented knitter! The first thing he wanted to do was inspect my quilting. He gave me the a-ok on my work in progress, and then got to meet a couple little friends that live in my sewing room.

Oh dear, our little dachshund has such terrible manners. She's always jumping up on people. And licking him in the face too!! So sorry Stamps.

What's that in your jacket pocket Stamps?

It's a little chickie! I think Stamps likes her.

And we like you Stamps. Now it's time to show you some wonderful Oregon Coast sights!

We'll be back soon with an update and then swiftly send our new friend off to his next destination. See you all soon!! x


  1. so glad he made it safe and sound, looking forward to his Oregon adventures :)

  2. Hi I love your quilting and the little friends, espically the chick.....


  3. ok, the dachshund kissing stamps gave me a giggle!